SignalBlocker - Anti roubo (Pocket)

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New! Block your car key signal against theft!

The SignalBlocker blocks the signal (RFID) that is emitted by your car key. A break in method, used more and more often, is amplifying of the signal of your car key for example when it’s indoors, on your kitchen table. The thief, using a special device, can amplify the signal from outside and open your car without any sign of break-in. This way, the car thieves can easily steel the valuables from your car.

Thankfully, this problem can be fixed using the SignalBlocker!

How does it work?

1. As soon as you have locked your car, place the car key in the SignalBlocker.
2. You can close the SignalBlocker closes by means of a Velcro closure.
3. All signals emitted by your car key are now blocked and cannot be found or amplified. 


- The SignalBlocker is universal and can be used for every type of car key.
- The SignalBlocker can also be used when you have a Car Key Cover over your key.
- The interior of the SignalBlocker is made from a RFID blocking fabric.
- The SignalBlocker measurements are: 19cm x 10cm

TIP! The SignalBlocker also works as a signal blocker for your credit card, Smartphone, public transport card etc.

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