Suporte de telemóvel - Suporte universal para fixar na grelha de ventilação

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New! The hands-free solution for your phone!

A well-known problem is in the car; 'Where do I leave my phone during navigation or a phone call?' The solution is simple but efficient. The phone holder is attached to the air vent, providing you with a perfect view of your phone and your view is unobstructed by for example a suction cup on your windshield.

How does it work?
1. Simply slide the phone holder onto your car's air vent.
2. Attach your phone to the cradle.
3. Rotate the phone holder to either a horizontal or a vertical position.


- The phone holder is universal, for all phones up to 5.5"
- The phone holder can be rotated 360º
- You can use your phone both horizontally and vertically
- Easily mounted on all types of car air vents
- You can continue using the air conditioning!
- The phone holder is made of durable materials and is shockproof

The phone holder is ideal for navigation with your phone!

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