CarkeyCover - F.A.Q.

What must I pay for shipping costs?

Answer: We send the KeyCovers in envelopes so that we can keep the costs of shipping low, i.e. just € 1,49!

How do you ship the key covers?

Answer: The KeyCovers are sent in envelopes. You don't need to stay at home to take delivery because we send the KeyCovers in envelopes!


For which car models do you sell key covers?
Answer: Please look for your model on this page


My car key isn't included in your catalogue, but can you supply it?

Answer: our whole range is displayed in the online store. If your key is not among those listed, we're sorry to say we can't supply it (yet).


What is the fit of the KeyCovers?

Answer: the fit is perfect! The KeyCover fits exactly around your key without it working loose or losing its elasticity. The KeyCover will keep its condition best if you don't carry it in your trouser pocket.


What material is used to make the KeyCovers?

Answer: 100% Silicon.


Do the KeyCovers have logos?
Answer: No, the key covers don't display a logo but there is a cut-out in it which will reveal the original logo on the key.


Are the key covers water-proof and dust-proof?
Answer: The KeyCovers are dust-proof and splash-proof. The KeyCovers are not completely watertight because one side is open to accommodate the blade.


Do the KeyCovers allow the signals to pass without any disturbance?

Answer: yes, the signals are not disturbed in any way by the KeyCovers.

Will the buttons still work as well if there is a KeyCover around the key?
Answer:  Yes, the buttons work just as well! No problem at all.

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