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New! Emoticon air fresheners by Freshations, a fresh look for your car!

The air freshener is easily attached to your rearview mirror. It provides a pleasant fragrance for your car! The air fresheners are available in different ‚Emoticon- designs and fragrances. Choose the 'mood' that suits you!

The air fresheners are available in the following fragrances:

Emoticon "Wink"    →   Rose
Emoticon "Heart"    Lavendel
Emoticon "Sunglasses"    New Car
Emoticon "Heart eyes"    Summer
Emoticon "Kiss"    Vanilla
Emoticon "Poo"    Coconut
Emoticon "laughing tears"    Fruit Coctail
Emoticon "funny tongue"    Citrus
Emoticon "teeth"    Black Ice

Tip! You can use the air fresheners anywhere you like, for example on your boat, in the house or closet!

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