TBU car Car key cover compatible with Porsche - Silicone Protective Remote Key Shell - FOB Case Cover - Blue

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Turn your car key into a real eye-catcher!

The key cover fits exactly around your key fob without working loose or losing its elasticity. The protection key cover is dust- proof and splash-proof because it is 100% pure silicone.

Perfect fit
The silicone car key cover fits perfectly!

The signals emitted by your key will not be hampered in any way by the remote key cover and will be received as usual..

The buttons on your car key will work just as well as before! There's no need to press twice as hard.

The key cases don't display a logo but there is a cut-out in it which will reveal the original logo on the key.

Compatible with Porsche 911, 918, Boxster, Cayenne, Cayman, Macan, Panamera.

* The key model may differ depending on the year of manufacture. So check carefully that your model key matches.

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